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It’s easy to assume filming a great interview only requires putting a camera in front of a person and asking the right questions. But when you combine the elements of audio, lighting, and background you draw the audience in, help them understand the tone of the interview, and keep them engaged. Choosing the right location is therefore a huge element of recording a successful interview. 

Here at Tutti, we can guide you through finding the perfect London interview filming locations for your needs and your budget. Scroll down for our checklist and tips.

Our favourite locations for filming interviews in London
Big Photography and Film Studio
Hackney Downs
per half-day
Fiction Studios
Boutique recording studio
per hour
1500 sqft daylight studio w/ props
Shoreditch Studio
per hour
Workspace with multi-coloured feature neon light wall
Loft studio with bare brick walls and wooden features
per hour
Bright open loft with vaulted ceiling and colorama
Loft studio with bare brick walls and wooden features
per hour
The Heath² Studio
The Heath Studio
The Heath²Studio
per hour
Simulacra Studio
Studio Two, The Daylight Studio
Simulacra Studio
per hour
All Around Events
Cable Depot Studios, Woolwich
Cable Depot Studios, Woolwich
per hour
Crixus Productions Ltd
Dockyard Kitchen
Crixus Studios
per day

Why hire an interview shoot location in London?

Do you want a recording studio with perfect acoustics or a beautiful home with a cosy environment? London has a variety of interview filming locations for every type of interview whether that’s a podcast recording, hosted conversation or a show with a live audience. 

London offers some amazing, secluded locations for interviews from high-end boutique recording studios with state-of-the-art equipment and specifically designed podcast studios, to rooftop terraces with a stunning backdrop of the London skyline and more stripped-back intimate basement lounges

Using Tutti you can search all areas of London to find locations with convenient public transport links or dedicated parking spaces.

Checklist for hiring interview filming locations

What are your background options? 

You want to first consider the tone of the video you want to create and then match your filming location to that. Is the conversation serious or informal? Entertaining or educational? Intimate or professional? 

Sometimes a simple but attractive background is all you need. On the other hand, it can help to provide context by placing the interviewee in their normal environment, e.g. a scientist in a laboratory. 

If you decide on a production studio, look for one with changeable backdrops so you have a good variety of background textures and colours available to choose from. 

What props do you need?

Some filming location hire fees include props and it’s a good idea to check whether you can move these existing props around to use them in your shoot. 

What audio equipment do you need?

If you don’t have your own audio equipment then a recording or podcast studio location may be your best option. You also need to consider whether you need to hire the equipment or whether everything you need is included in the hire fee. You can wire your subject with a lavalier microphone or use a boom mic, or both, just make sure they stay out of the frame. 

Some other points you’ll want to consider when choosing your location are: Do you need complete silence or are you happy with ambient noise? And does the room echo? This can be reduced by placing sound blankets around to absorb the sound.

What lighting equipment do you need?

Generally, natural lighting conditions are the most flattering for people, so you could set up beside a large window to mimic a classic portrait lighting setup. You may have to supplement this with your own lighting equipment for example a fill light or modifiers, so you’ll need to ensure there are power outlets available to use. 

Often basic lighting equipment like umbrellas and softboxes are included in the hire fee but if lights are chargeable, you’ll want to check how much they will cost so you can factor this into your budget. 

How much space will you require?

This will depend on how large your team is. Make sure there is a break area and a kitchen/refreshment making facilities available for them. If you have a stylist for your host and interviewee(s) then you’ll need to make sure you have a changing room to get ready in and a hair & beauty station.

What are your power requirements?

Under general information on each studio page listing you can check whether single or three phase power is available. 

Do you require a parking space?

Using Tutti’s advanced search tool you can filter the studios by free or paid parking to ensure you will have a carpark space available. Each listing also shows you the local transport options including the closest tube lines and bus routes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much should I budget to hire an interview filming location in London?

London offers a wide range of locations for hire for every budget. You can narrow your search by using the advanced search options and filtering by price. Most venues charge by the day or half-day with the majority of prices falling between 250 and 1500 per day. You can also request multiple dates when you send an enquiry through Tutti.

What is the ambient noise level? Will it be an issue for my shoot?

When recording an interview It’s important to know what noise you’ll be dealing with. On Tutti listings you will find a description of the location external noise under general information, and if you have specific noise level requirements you can also use Tutti’s advanced search tool to filter your results. If you would like to view the space before you book it, please message the host to confirm this is possible and arrange a suitable time.

What is typically included in the hire price of an interview filming location?

It depends on the type of location you choose. A recording or podcast studio in London will offer the most equipment in the hire fee including mics, headphones, mixers, speakers and seating. Generally, all venues offer core facilities such as a kitchen, storage space and changing room. If you have specific requirements please remember to message the host and if they do provide additional equipment, check whether there is any additional charge.

Does the interview filming location have A/C and/or heating?

Of course you want your team to be comfortable throughout the filming process. So we made it easier to find what you require - use Tutti’s advanced search tool to filter on temperature control such as air conditioning or central heating, or simply windows that open to allow fresh air.

How does Tutti work?

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