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New: more ways to refine your space categorisations


Written by James H

Published Sep 07, 2021

Hey friend,

Our Feature Spotlight this month details two major improvements: helping you to better describe your locations and spaces, and an increase in the number of activities that artists can search for. Both of these changes will create more accurate searches, which makes it more likely an artist will book your space once they discover it!

And if those changes don't blow your mind then the serious feats of creative thinking in this month's Decidedly Different surely will.

Until next time,
Gabriel and the Team @ Tutti

Feature spotlight: Activities & Custom Fields

Last week, we launched two key improvements for you.

First, we've added more activities to help artists find your space - including live streams, hybrid events, and specialised use cases, like 'unit base' for film. We now have over 50 possible activities to help categorise your space for the perfect artist. Importantly, we made sure to keep the selection process simple for you. You can see the new activities if you edit any of your listings.

In addition, you may have seen a few weeks ago that we added new custom input fields to the listing process: "Location type" and "Space type".

Location type is the type of building you are listing, like a church, cafe, or home.

Space type can help you specify exactly which room is listed, such as hall, function room, or master bedroom.

Until now, you have had to make do with the existing options in those fields that our team @ Tutti came up with. But now, we've implemented a system that allows you to enter your own text, which will become part of Tutti's search system, once approved by our admin team.

These fields are particularly significant, because we use location and space types to create landing pages for Tutti that rank well in Google and draw in more traffic.

If you aren't sure whether you've filled that information out, please check by logging in and editing your locations or spaces - the new fields are in the ‘basic info' tab.

(This space is no longer available unfortunately)

Super Spaces

We showcased this space to our artists in this month's newsletter. If you'd like us to showcase your space, become a Verified Host.

This expertly extravagant space comes courtesy of one of our newest hosts - Avenue Green Studios. The pink paradise above is only one of ten studio rooms they have on offer, each one with its own specially curated decor, making this place truly a photo and film fantasy.

(Note: unfortunately as of late 2021, this wonderful pink studio is no longer available)

Decidedly Different

We love to see how individuals express their own creativity and this week is such a good example of how you can give people the exact same brief yet end up with thousands of different outcomes.

The 3D artist, Clinton Jones, challenged his Youtube viewers with a "simple" task: create a 3D render of a chrome ball getting from A to B. Nearly 2000 artists entered and the video above is one seamless stream of the top 100 entries, each one entirely unique and utterly impressive.

Watch here.

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