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Written by James H

Published Dec 07, 2021

Ho ho hi friend, and Season's Greetings from the Tutti Team!

As if we haven't got enough to be excited about with the festive frivolities, Tutti has been growing and growing over the past year and we'll hopefully be going through some major changes in the New Year!

This change will be spurred by a round of investment that will help us give you a service that you can't find anywhere else. What's more, there's an exciting opportunity for you to be directly involved. More on that later - I will follow up with you in due course!

For now, as Christmas is upon us, it would make us very merry if you took a few minutes away from the mince pies to let us know your fantasy Christmas list of features, right this way please.

Gabriel and the Team @ Tutti

Super Spaces

Our Tutti Data Scientists have been hard at work behind the scenes and have made a significant discovery! 👩🏻‍🔬💥

Listings that include a photo of their space being used are getting noticeably higher page views 😱

If you've got any high-quality photos which demonstrate how your space can be used then add those photos to your space listing!

Here are some examples of hosts with fantastic photos 👇

Aquifer Film Studio
National Opera Studio
Arcus Sounds

Decidedly Different

Have you got your Christmas tree yet?! Wait, hang on, just take your coat off for a second, sit down and look at these ingenious DIY trees. If you're bored of the traditional shiny-things-on-green-stuff approach (come on, it's been done), then these 50 examples of incredible non-tree trees will no doubt get you thinking outside the box.

Our favourite is easily #46: they thought outside the box, but only just.

See the list here.

P.S. We want to send you plenty of festive merriment for being with us and supporting us over the last year, so to wrap up, I'll leave you with this sage advice from American TV host, Johnny Carson:

"Always remember to mail your packages early, so the post office can lose them in time for Christmas."

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