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Updates, New Features and Growth!


Written by James H

Published Aug 03, 2021

Hey friend,

It's been an action packed July. We have:

  • Kicked off the month being featured by ClassicFM
  • Launched two major updates: find out more below
  • Set up systems for two major future updates, also below
  • Been accepted into London & Partners' business growth programme, which is funded by the Mayor of London's office. This means we'll have a bigger marketing reach and more traffic for your spaces come September

Thanks for being involved in these exciting, early days.

And if those changes don't blow your mind then the serious feats of creative thinking in this month's Decidedly Different surely will.

As always, get in touch if you have any questions or thoughts,
Gabriel and the Team @ Tutti

Feature spotlight: Category pages

First up, we created a new type of page that will make it easier for your spaces to be found via Google (over time). These pages are essentially a pre-filtered version of our search page, filled with information and technical wizardry designed to make Google's search algorithm happy.

We've started with 11 of these as a test, to learn what we need to tweak to make Google really happy, but we will eventually have hundreds of these to make sure that no matter what niche search someone puts into Google, they will easily be able to find your space. You can see our initial pages here and read more about them here.

Feature spotlight: Profile pages

Next, on the 21st of this month, we updated your profile pages (did you notice?). I don't know if you remember our old profile pages, but they were based on a design we came up with in 2018…so we've given them a refresh. The biggest change is putting your listings front and centre. You can read more about them here.

You can also look at your own profile page by going to your Profile Settings, and on the Public Page tab, clicking a grey button that says "View profile's public page" (top right on desktop). The Public Page tab is where you can update all information on your profile.

While working on the above, we've also been busy putting things in to place for 2 future updates, which should launch sometime in the coming 60 days #exciting!

Upcoming feature spotlight: Analytics

Most days, it would not be a stretch to say we are frantically scurrying behind the scenes on your behalf, trawling through social media to find people that could use your space. And as mentioned above, we're constantly optimising our website to make Google happy in order to help people also find your spaces when they search something on Google.

We want to start giving you a little insight into those Herculean behind-the-scenes efforts, so we've built an internal analytics system, which tracks impressions, clicks, and more. We are testing it privately for now, but we want to start sending you this information as soon as possible.

Our question for you: how would you like to receive analytics information?

  • Weekly email
  • Monthly email
  • Dashboard on the website

Please email support@tutti.space and let us know!

New search algorithm

You will hear a lot more on this in the coming months, but we wanted to share an exclusive preview today.

One of the core ideologies behind the founding of Tutti is levelling the playing field. There are so many amazing creative spaces out there that are difficult to find because most people search on Google. And Google reserves the top spots for people who pay the most money in ads OR have the best Search Engine Optimisation strategy - both of which are pretty impossible for a young or independent venue. Google is also incredibly secretive about their algorithm.

We will always be open and honest about our algorithm, and we will never charge you money to appear at the top of our search. Our system is being designed to rank spaces based on how good a member of the community you are (i.e. nothing technical). This will take into account:

  • How filled out your listings and profile are
  • How fast you respond to requests
  • The percentage of requests you give an answer to (even if it's a no)
  • And a few other things that we've yet to finalise

There's a full list of the initial plans here.
Of course the algorithm will have to evolve and adapt over time, but as we change it:

  1. The core value of being a good member of the community will never change.
  2. We will always keep you informed before we make any major updates.

We'd love to know what you think of these plans. If you have any thoughts, simply email us at community@tutti.space

Super Spaces

We showcased this space to our artists in this month's newsletter. If you'd like us to showcase your space, become a Verified Host.

Silly Towers is host to two of the most versatile spaces you can book on Tutti. Already they have hosted licensed music events, film shoots, theatre rehearsals, music videos and a corporate away day! Located in central Brixton and prices starting at £70 for a full day, you can see why it’s been so popular.

Decidedly Different

You’ve heard of the world wide web, of course you have; you probably use it daily and it underpins most of modern day society's activities. But did you know there’s a web network that is even more essential to our survival and has been around centuries longer?

It’s called the Wood Wide Web and we’re only just discovering it. The Wood Wide Web is the name scientists are giving to an underground network of fungus that trees use to communicate, share resources and wage war. It’s complex, surprisingly altruistic and definitely worth hearing more about below.

Discover more on the Wood Wide Web here.

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