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10 Great background ideas for YouTube videos (and how to replicate)


Written by Becky T

Published Dec 01, 2022

No matter what type of YouTube video you're creating, nailing the perfect background is key to setting the tone and making sure your viewers can see and hear you clearly. In this blog post, we'll share 10 of the best background ideas for YouTube videos, plus examples and a few tips on how you can replicate them.

Many popular YouTube videos feature creative and eye-catching backgrounds. You can replicate successful video backgrounds by following a few simple tips. Getting to know some of your options will help you take your big step forward as you create new, fun, and engaging content for your followers. All that's left is to source your film equipment and get shooting!

We’ve selected ideas that are easy to recreate, they are:

1. The white background
2. The brick wall background
3. The natural setting background
4. The black background
5. The kitchen background
6. The warehouse background
7. The vintage or retro background
8. The simple background
9. The bookshelf background
10. The home office background

Here are 10 video background ideas for you to explore:

1. The white background

Shoot your video with a solid white background. This option gives you a clean and distraction-free backdrop, with a white background, the focus is on you. YouTube content creator Dashing Dish uses a white background for her workout videos.

image showing an all-white room
Photo by Richy Roll

White backgrounds are a popular choice for YouTubers. They’re an uncomplicated choice that even offers added function if you want any overlays or graphics. There are a few ways you can create a white background for your next video. Here are a few tips to help you:

  • Dedicate space — If you’re looking to use the same background for multiple video shoots, consider dedicating an area of your home just for this. It can be as simple as having a white wall and selecting the ideal furniture.

  • Lighting — To create a bright white background that looks professional and seamless you’ll need to set up film lighting. A dream option is to set up in a space that has a lot of natural daylight. If that’s not available, you’ll be needing overhead and side lighting.

  • Location, location, location — Look for spaces that are bright, already white, and clean for your video. This can be around a home or think out of the box and try filming in a location like an Art Gallery or Contemporary Event Space.

2. The brick wall background

There are a few reasons you might want to use a brick-wall background for your YouTube videos. For one, it can help your video stand out from the rest. A brick wall background is also a great way to add some texture and interest to your video. Additionally, a brick wall can help to create a more professional look for your video. Marie Forleo showcases a painted brick wall as her background in this video.

image showing a painted brick wall
Photo by Scott Webb
  • Where to find a brick wall — Scout your neighbourhood. There are likely some great brick walls closer than you think. With a good look around, you might come across the perfect setting. Some popular locations for capturing this kind of background include alleyways, backyards, and driveways.

  • Set up — Remember that you’ll have the equipment to factor in. Filming a YouTube video can be as easy as setting your phone up on a tripod, or you can go the whole hog and use all your gear. Think about what you’re bringing to your new YouTube set. Planning ahead will make it easier. Some items to think about are your video camera setup, microphone, tripod, and lighting. You might even bring a helper with you or use a video studio that is already set up for this.

3. The natural setting background

Step outside for endless natural background ideas. Using a natural background gives you a casual, inspiring setting for your content. In areas that have mild weather, it’s easy to set up your own outdoor photo studio. If the weather isn’t always on your side, you’ll get really good at your timing. A background that has subtle movements, like a tree with leaves blowing, or gently rolling waves can hold a viewer's interest even more. Tim Ferriss used this natural setting background idea here.

If your natural setting is urban, use it! One popular option is to film in front of a cityscape or skyline. This idea provides a lot of visual interest and can make your video look more professional. Plus, it's relatively easy to replicate if you live in or near a city.

image showing a video background idea of a bench against a grassy lawn
Photo by Metin Ozer
  • Find somewhere quiet— Don’t stand next to a busy road or a children's playground. A little noise won’t hurt, but if it’s too noisy your viewers won’t stick around.

  • Stationary is better — Don’t walk while you’re recording. It might seem stylish, but when you run out of breath or your breathing changes, it’s noticeable to your viewers. It’s hard to get your message across when you’re winded. Find a good stationary spot where you can focus.

  • Find a cool location— Step out your front door, maybe that’s far enough. Do you have a great front porch or yard area? If not, consider all the unique places you have to choose from. From park benches and greenery to a serene ocean or mountain view, you can get as creative as you like when it comes to location scouting for film.

4. The black background

If you're looking to add some extra drama or mystery to your YouTube videos, then using a black background is a great way to do it. YouTuber Nick Nimmon shows how to make a cool black background here. Here are a few reasons why you should consider using a black background for your videos:

Black backgrounds can help create a more serious and professional tone. They can also make your videos look more stylish and modern.

If you're filming in low light conditions, a black background can help reduce the appearance of noise and graininess in your footage.

image showing a man taking a photograph of another man stood on steps
Photo by Steven Van
  • Polished look — People like using black backgrounds for a highly professional look and feel. You’ll want to play around with how far away you set up from the background to see what gives you the look and feel you want for your video. 

  • Lighting — Lighting is essential when using a dark background. You’ll want to watch out for blacking out the background completely (unless that’s what you want). This will take some fine-tuning. Take the time to adjust everything so you create sleek content you can’t wait to share.

  • Quality — Make sure your video quality is high enough to avoid graininess. Having the right film equipment is essential to capturing your best creative work.

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5. The kitchen background

Great things happen in the kitchen. It is the most welcoming room in the home, isn’t it? Generally, kitchens have great lighting and can look really neat and tidy too. Setting up in the kitchen may be as simple as propping up that camera and hitting record. On the other hand, it may take a little prep work. Regardless, filming in the kitchen will get you cooking up some great content in no time. Kris Carr makes a meal out of using the kitchen background idea, see this video for inspiration.

image showing a woman preparing food, with her phone on a tripod filming in the foreground
Photo by Ron Lach
  • Use the right equipment — Using the right kind of equipment makes filming in your kitchen a breeze. Think tripods with swing arms, additional lighting such as ring lights, and sound recording equipment if necessary.

  • Declutter — Kitchens are the most popular room in the house. Make sure yours is clear when it’s time to record. Decluttering the space is essential to keeping the viewer's eyes on you and not the mess behind.

  • Use a different kitchen — Let’s face it, not all kitchens are camera ready. You can borrow a friend's kitchen or rent one in any kind of style. Don’t let your camera-shy kitchen hold you back from considering all kitchens as a good option.

6. The warehouse background

A fun video background idea for YouTube is filming in a warehouse setting. There are so many opportunities for creating a unique setup. Imagine a view that pans out and has a big airy feeling to it. Or, create a rustic look with doors, unique walls or materials that might be around. When you use a warehouse as your background, you’ll see lots of ideas for creating a cool YouTube video. Watch this The BuffNerds YouTube video, it may spark some ideas. The pair walk you through their new warehouse space.

image showing a man filming a dancer in a dance studio
Photo by ShareGrid
  • Save time — The beauty of using a warehouse space is it’s big and will house all of your supplies easily. This saves you time from running back and forth to bring in your supplies. This works well if you rent or buy your own warehouse space.

  • Create unique content — Great video background ideas for YouTube are the ones that hold the viewer's attention and are unique. It’s an unspoken thing, it’s not about showcasing the environment you’re filming in. The focus will be on you and what you’re sharing with your audience. The background is subtle, and a warehouse setting may be as unique as you and your brand.

7. The simple background

A simple background for shooting your Youtube video keeps the focus on you. When the background is simple, all the fun is front and centre. You get to be the main interest point for your content. This is great if you want the attention on you, and on any products, you’re showcasing. YouTuber EMAN uses a simple background.

image showing a woman using a pink wall as a video background idea whilst she does her makeup
Photo by George Milton
  • Keep it bright — Your simple background should be clean and bright. Make sure the space is tidy and let all the good light in.

  • Minimalist additions — Enhance the scene with the addition of a big leafy plant or simple art piece, placed carefully behind you.

  • Consider the sound — If your space is larger the sound may travel. Be mindful of the location. Find a spot that lets you get the best of both worlds, a simple open space set up for good sound.

8. The bookshelf background

Having a bookshelf background suits some content creators. This is on trend if you're doing online training. A bookshelf adds interest when you’re facing the camera (and your viewers). Bob Proctor did this in his videos. They’ll see you first and foremost.

image showing a laptop on a table with a bookshelf in the background
Photo by Surface
  • Edit your space — Curate what is visible on the shelves behind you. You’ll love having a space with all your personal touches that share what you and your content is about without having to say a word.

  • Less is more — For video background ideas less is always more. You get the most out of keeping things minimal behind you. If your space is maxed out, consider finding a temporary office set-up you can use. You’ll get the best background for your video and you’ll have a clutter-free and focused environment to create in.

9. The vintage or retro background

image showing a woman holding up a vinyl record in front of her face as she stands in front of a wall full of vinyl records
Photo by Joanna Nix-Walkup

A vintage or retro background is the perfect way to set the tone for a successful YouTube video. This type of background is a unique one. You could go as far as building a custom set, or simply pepper in some vintage vibes on a background wall. Regardless of how you do it, going retro will definitely be eye-catching and give any content creator a cool edge. Vintage is on brand for the Well-Loved brand. They show it off in this video. They even custom-painted the walls (another idea for a video background).

  • Consider the overall look and feel — A vintage or retro background can give your video an antique or classic feel. If your video is more modern, a sleek and simple background may be more appropriate.

  • Think about the colours in your background — A vintage or retro background often features muted or earthy tones, which can help to create a calming and relaxing atmosphere. If your video is more energetic or upbeat, brighter colours may be more suitable.

  • Consider the texture of your background — A vintage or retro background often has a lot of texture and depth, which can help to create an interesting and engaging visual experience for your viewers.

10. The home office background

This is a great option for a video background if you want to film yourself talking to the camera. It showcases that you're a professional and can give you an opportunity to share more of your personal style and essence. To replicate this, set up your camera in your home office or another room in your house that has a desk or table. The scene behind you could be simple or it could be set up with a contemporary bookshelf or chair in the background. On YouTube, ALLISON shares their home office styling. The space they share appears to be video ready in all corners!

image showing a woman holding a cup of tea at a desk with her laptop
Photo by Paige Cody
  • Remove clutter — Your desk/workspace might not look great filmed in its natural state. Depending on how tidy you keep it. Take some time to get it ready for the camera. Stage the setting and make sure to remove all clutter.  You can even use another house for filming if you’re looking for a certain setup.

  • Curate your vibe — If you do have a bookshelf behind you, it’s a great spot to place a product or book you want to showcase. Add some of your personality to the scene behind you. Remember, less is more when it comes to curating your scene.

What it comes down to: Have a background that suits you and your content.

Being authentic and comfortable can make all the difference when deciding on background ideas for YouTube videos. If you want people to take you seriously, then you need to have video background ideas that look professional and put together. You don't need to spend a lot of money on an expensive background, but you should make sure that it looks clean and presentable. Choosing the best video background for you is all part of the video production workflow. You’ll want to give it some good thought.

One way to get the most out of your YouTube videos is to have a background that compliments the video itself. If your video is about cooking, then having a kitchen as your background would be ideal. If your video is about fashion, then using a blank wall or a simple background can work well. The key is to make sure that your background doesn't take away from the content of your video.

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