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Bars For Hire London

Bars for hire in London

From basement dive bars brimming with history to sleek hotel wine bars with a view, London nightlife has it all. Could a London bar be the perfect setting for your next photo or video shoot? A bar setting creates a unique backdrop and is all set up and ready to go, no expensive set building required. If you need to shoot in a realistic bar setting, you won’t get any more authentic than a working London bar. 

Discover Tutti’s range of impressive spaces for hire from large sports bars to intimate cocktail bars.

Explore 100+ bars for hire in London
Shoreditch Bar Group
The Lighthouse Bar & Club
Shoreditch Bar Group
Price on request
T-Bird Bar
T Bird Bar
T-Bird Bar
Spaces From
per hour
All Around Events
Bar A Bar
All Around Events
Price on request
Jacks Bar Islington
Price on request
Singer Tavern
Singer Tavern
Price on request
Shoreditch Bar Group
The King's Head Members Club
Shoreditch Bar Group
Price on request
Century Club
Century Club
Spaces From
£1,200 to £12,000
per half-day
Iron Bloom Shoreditch
Iron Bloom
Price on request
Dockside Vaults
Dockside Vaults
Dockside Vaults
Price on request

Why hire a bar in London?

London bars come in many styles - some are housed in historic buildings while others are located in modern hotels and office buildings, allowing you to choose the style that best aligns with your project whether that’s a music video or a period drama.

If your storyline or concept involves scenes set in a bar, using a real bar space can provide authenticity and increase your production quality. The unique and stylish decor and lighting is sure to enhance the desired mood of your film or photoshoot.

Hiring a bar allows your production to capture the real essence of London nightlife. But on the other hand many London bars can also be used to stand in for other places, for example a trendy bar in Soho could be transformed into a New York dive or an edgy east London bar could also double as a Berlin nightclub. 

Bars often have practical amenities like restrooms, dressing rooms, and kitchens, which can make the production process more comfortable for your crew and talent. Additionally, bars may have the necessary permits for serving alcohol if you require it. 

Bars are also already set up with tables and chairs and sometimes stages which will save time and resources compared to building a set from scratch, eliminating the need for elaborate set construction. You can also use the existing decor creatively to enhance the visual appeal of the shoot.

Where to hire a bar in London?

London nightlife is varied and each borough offers a unique atmosphere. So the best area for hiring a bar depends on your specific needs, the vibe you're looking for, and the style of your film shoot or photoshoot. Here are some ideas based on areas in London known for their vibrant bar scenes:

North London bars

Camden is famous for its alternative music scene and is home to famous live music venues like The Jazz Cafe, The Underworld and Blues Kitchen. The bars you’ll find here often have a unique and eclectic style, making this area a great choice for shoots with a more alternative or rock-and-roll vibe.

Central London bars

Covent Garden and Soho are lively areas with a mix of upscale and quirky bars and rooftop venues that tend to be on the smaller side, great if you’re looking for an intimate venue. The historic market square and surrounding streets offer a charming backdrop for various types of shoots.

Fitzrovia is also a great option and has a mix of traditional and contemporary bars within the urban village.

West London bars

Known for its colourful houses and eclectic charm, Notting Hill has a range of bars that reflect its offbeat style. It's an excellent choice for shoots seeking a more laid-back but stylish setting. Mayfair on the other hand is a good choice if you’re looking for high-end luxury, the bars in this area are generally focused on creating a sophisticated and elegant atmosphere.

South London bars

The South Bank of the River Thames offers stunning views of the city skyline. Bars in this area are often contemporary with a focus on modern design, making them suitable for shoots with a sleek and urban feel. Bermondsey Street, near London Bridge, is another south London area known for its trendy bars and restaurants. The street has a mix of historic charm and modern design, making it versatile for different shoot styles.

East London bars

Shoreditch nightlife is always buzzing and is full of small clubs and unique and trendy bars, making it an excellent choice for modern shoots. Hackney Wick is another east London borough with a thriving arts community, and its bars often reflect a creative and industrial aesthetic. Converted warehouse spaces with their concrete floors and exposed brick make these bars a good choice if you’re seeking a more raw and unconventional backdrop.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any restrictions on using the bar for filming or photography?

Some bars may have limitations on certain activities or areas within the venue so it’s a good idea to discuss any special requirements with the host (such as permits required for serving alcohol). You can direct message the host via their Tutti listing page.

What types of bars are available for hire, and how do I choose the right one for my shoot?

There is a diverse range of bars in London, from eclectic alternative bars to modern cocktail lounges. Consider the interior style, ambience, and overall vibe of the bar to align with your project's theme. If you are looking for a unique space for your next event, explore our event venues for hire.

How much does it cost to rent a bar in London for a shoot?

The cost of hiring a bar in London varies based on various factors including location, venue size, day and time of booking and rental duration. Central bars typically have higher prices and larger venues will also charge higher fees. If you’re on a tight budget, weekday or daytime bookings might be more affordable than prime weekend evenings.

What amenities are typically included in the hire of a bar in London?

Typical amenities include the use of the bar space, basic furniture such as tables and chairs, access to the bar counter and associated equipment, restroom facilities, and sometimes spaces that can be used as dressing rooms. Lighting, power outlets, and WiFi access are also commonly provided.

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