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11 London video shoot locations that you must visit


Written by Reena A

Published Jan 04, 2024

According to Wyzowl, 96% of marketers believe videos are crucial to the success of their marketing efforts.

Clearly, video marketing is no longer an option, but a must-have strategy for marketers and so it should be for you.

Videos can help you showcase your products, tell your brand story, educate and inform your audience, and more. Video content also ignites emotions and creates a lasting impression.

But you need to create engaging and visually appealing videos to grab and hold your audience’s attention. That’s where using good video shoot locations can help.

In this guide, you’ll find 11 top-rated video shoot locations for marketers in London. Read on to learn why you should visit and consider them for your next video marketing campaign.


  1. Barbican Conservatory
  2. EartH
  3. The Foundling Museum
  4. AIP Studios
  5. St Matthias Church 
  6. Crixus Studios 
  7. Dehav Studios
  8. The Royal College of Music
  9. First Option Location Studio 
  10. Polar Bear Room 
  11. The Studio Falkland Lodge
  12. Which of these video shoot locations will you choose?

1. Barbican Conservatory

Nestled at the Barbican Centre in London, the Barbican Conservatory is an iconic video shoot location with over 2,000 plant species.

This conservatory has ample natural lighting. Combined with the stunning greenery, it provides the scenic backdrop your videos need to capture your target audience’s attention.

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The Barbican Conservatory provides the perfect setting for private events and celebrations, as well as receptions, fashion shows, brand launches, and film productions.

If you want a green, natural background for your marketing videos, then this is the perfect spot for you.

The best part is that it can accommodate about 300 people, so you can even use it for filming a high-budget video with a big cast and supporting staff.

An example of a video shot at the Barbican Conservatory is “The Art of Change Shorts: LGBTQ+” by Lexi Kiddo. 

Check out how the artists’ yellow outfits beautifully contrast with the plants.

2. EartH 

Evolutionary Arts Hackey aka EartH is another excellent video shoot location for marketers, with a theatre, concert hall, and kitchen. You can find this venue in London, about 3 minutes from Dalston Kingsland.

EartH has been around since 2018, when it was renovated. But its history goes way back.

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EartH (Evolutionary Arts Hackney) is a multi-arts space for the 21st Century. Book the Concert Hall, Kitchen or Theatre with Tutti.  

It was initially built in the 1930s as an art deco cinema, The Savoy. Its last screening was in 1984 (Scarface). After that, it doubled as a wedding venue and snooker hall.

Today, it offers the following filming sites or video shoot locations for marketers. 

EartH Concert Hall

With a capacity of 1200, EartH Concert Hall is ideal for shooting live shows. These could be corporate events, music performances, podcasts, auditions and music rehearsals.

image of EartH Concert Hall

Many artists have performed and filmed live videos at the EartH Concert Hall. 

Examples include Nigerian musician Fela Kuti, English DJ Erol Alkan, and jazz icon Nubya Garcia.

EartH Kitchen 

You can shoot any event with an audience at the 300-capacity EartH Kitchen. This elegant space has a bar, a restaurant, and a performance stage for artists. 

image of EartH Kitchen

Fortunately, you don’t need to be a live performer or a chef to benefit from this venue. You can have and film meetings or interviews at EartH Kitchen. 

EartH Theatre 

With a capacity of 680, EartH Theatre is the perfect location for hosting live music events, talks, and other live performances.

It is renowned for its remarkable art deco features and impressive 360 sound system. Combined, they can immerse the audience in your creative world, delivering the most memorable experiences.

Image of EartH Theatre

The EartH Theatre has earned its spot on the list of London’s most iconic video shoot locations.

Many artists and bands have performed here, including Self Esteem, Vampire Weekend, Ruby Wax, and Jarvis Cocker.  

Pop singer-songwriter Joy Crookes also shot a live video of her song Don’t Let Me Down at the EartH Theatre.

Check out this beautiful image of her on stage.

3. The Foundling Museum 

The Foundling Museum in London offers a range of historical themes to explore when filming video content.

This large video shoot location features an incredible blend of Rococo and modern interior design.

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Located in the heart of leafy Bloomsbury, The Foundling Museum is a unique venue for hire near King’s Cross, Holborn, and Euston stations.

That makes the Foundling Museum suitable for shooting these events:

  • Weddings
  • Meetings
  • Rehearsals
  • Photoshoots
  • Auditions
  • Art exhibitions

But where exactly can you film these videos? Let’s look at the filming venues at the Foundling Museum.

The Courtroom

The courtroom is home to many notable art pieces, including a painting by the legendary engraver William Hogarth.

Image showing a rococo style room with a large rug and fireplace at The Courtroom

You can host receptions and dinners here, with up to 40 guests. 

The Picture Gallery 

The Foundling Museum’s picture gallery is perfect for hosting events with 100-150 guests or shooting videos with a big cast.

Image showing rows of wooden seats facing a grand piano at The Picture Gallery

This room’s setting and arrangement give off intimate vibes, which make it convenient for filming emotional live performances like music recitals. 

The grand 1923 piano in the room kicks its design to the next level. And it could be precisely what you need to create unique video content.

The Clore Creative Studio 

If your videos need a contemporary setting, film them at the Clore Creative Studio.

The walls here are white and the large doors are glazed, allowing them to let in plenty of natural lighting. That creates a warm, bright atmosphere to film a variety of videos.

Image showing desks and chairs in a white room at the Clore Creative Studio

Whether you want to film a small-budget video yourself or outsource video editing to a professional and shoot a high-budget, grand video, this location will accommodate your needs.

Jacqueline Wilson filmed a promotional video at the Foundling Museum to market her Hetty Feather book series, which revolves around children who lived at the Foundling Hospital. Watch the video here.

4. AIP Studios 

Located in Canary Wharf on Bellerive House’s ground floor, AIP Studios is one of the best video shoot locations for podcasters. 

It has everything you need to create video content, such as high-resolution cameras, mics, and LED lighting.

AIP Studios can accommodate about eight people, making it ideal for filming videos with a small cast.

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AIP Studios is a podcast and photography studio in Canary Wharf. Perfect for streaming brand videos, interviews and more.

But to fully benefit from this video shoot location, you must adhere to the rules. For example, you shouldn’t drink alcohol or smoke while on the premises.

Also, expect to pay an extra charge if you exceed your booking time at London’s AIP Studios.

The Beautiful Game Podcast, which covers football-related topics, shot one of its podcasts at AIP Studios. Their guest was Carlos Richards, a famous Gibraltarian professional footballer.

5. St Matthias Church 

St Matthias Church takes pride in being the only Grade I-listed church in Stoke Newington, London. 

Did you know the famous architect William Butterfield designed it in the 1800s?

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Stoke Newington’s only Grade I-listed church boasts the most magnificent acoustic and is ideal for concerts, performances, filming, recordings and rehearsals and medieval banquets.

Centuries later, it has spaces for video marketers planning to host and film:

  • Concerts
  • Rehearsals 
  • Exhibitions and fairs
  • Wedding receptions 
  • Christenings
  • Recitals 
  • Yoga and dance videos 

Award-winning singer and songwriter Josef Salvat filmed live music videos for his songs at St Matthias Church. These songs were “Swimming Upstream,” “First Time,” and “One More Night.” 

Here’s his Swimming Upstream music video:

6. Crixus Studios 

Crixus Studios is a video shoot location in Greenwich, London, a 10-minute walk from Woolwich Dockyard.

It has seven spaces for creators, including a kitchen, an office, a Bohemian studio, and an industrial rooftop.

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Housed in a Victorian warehouse by the River Thames, Crixus Studios offers a range of studios, kitchens, office spaces and an industrial rooftop for hire.

Here, you can shoot a wide range of videos, such as feature films, corporate live shows, and interviews or webinars.

Crixus Studios can also be a great location for your next explainer video production project. Also, the greenrooms may be ideal for filming documentary scenes, photoshoots, and interviews.

7. Dehav Studios 

If your marketing videos need an apartment setting, consider Dehav Studios in Hackney, London.

This stylish one-bedroom apartment features a large open warehouse space and kitchen suitable for filming: 

  • Personalised messages on platforms like Loom
  • Video testimonials 
  • Product demos 
  • Promotional video content like ads 
  • Social media content like recipes
  • Powerful trailers for your videos

Many creators have filmed videos at Dehav Studios. 

One of them is English singer and influencer Jacob Collier, who shot a video to promote the Shure SM58 microphone.

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With an abundance of natural light and 13ft ceilings, Dehav Studios offers a fully equipped kitchen with moveable island, as well as an open plan artist loft living area.

Orin Lewis and Beverley De-Gale also shot a brand awareness video at Dehav Studios. The co-founders of the African Caribbean Leukemia Trust (ACLT) dived into the history and formation of the organization.

Notice how the yellow and orange colour theme increases their video’s visual appeal, instantly grabbing viewers’ attention.

8. The Royal College of Music 

You can find the Royal College of Music in the centre of South Kensington. This video shoot location is deemed one of London’s most attractive places, thanks to its Gothic Revival architecture.

Here, you’ll find numerous venues to film your marketing video content. These include studios, the Parry Rooms, the Britten Theatre, and the Amaryllis Fleming Concert Hall. 

With these beautiful spaces, you can film meetings, dinners, rehearsals, conferences, and live performances.

Want to book this space?

The Royal College of Music in Westminster offers a range of studio spaces, performance and concert halls, and a classic theatre.

If you enjoy interviewing music enthusiasts, this filming venue can be perfect for you.

This is because you can find many musicians in the building. Plus, there are many locations to hold meetings.

Here’s an example of an interview-style video shot at the Royal College of Music:

9. First Option Location Studio 

First Option Location Studio in Shoreditch, London, has been a popular filming venue for nearly two decades.

This charming video shoot location features wood-beamed Victorian roofs and plenty of natural lighting. The main kitchen has marble and wooden worktops, making it a good location for filming cooking videos.

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Fitted with beautiful wooden beams and flooring and exposed brick walls, First Option Location Studio in Hackney offers a main kitchen, prep kitchen and studio space, perfect for filming cooking content.

Furthermore, you can shoot fashion shows, product launches, conferences, intimate dinners, movie scenes and wedding receptions here.

Krug, the Champaign house Joseph Krug founded, shot its Krug 2002 product launch video at First Option Location Studio.

10. Polar Bear Room 

You can also consider shooting your marketing videos at the Polar Bear Room at The King’s Head Members Club. This versatile filming venue has a capacity of about 100 people. 

You can arrange the seating however you want, depending on the video content you want to create. For example, banquet-style seating is suitable for wedding receptions. 

Other videos you can film here are auditions, live streams, photoshoots, podcasts and rehearsals.

Want to book this space?

The Polar Bear Room is an exclusive room at the King's Head Members Club, fitted with a small bar, seating, and a taxidermy polar bear...

The elegant décor of the space makes it perfect for filming promo videos that sell. Here’s a blog by Attrock to help you create engaging and visually appealing promo videos successfully.

British Jamaican artist Stefon Grant is among the many creators who have filmed video content at the Polar Bear Room.

His footage during the Mad About You event featured famous artists and socialites, including Eugene Ankomah.

11. The Studio Falkland Lodge 

The Studio Falkland Lodge in Croydon, London, is a practice room for musicians, with a grand Venables & Son piano. 

It can accommodate about five people. Therefore, it’s convenient for filming videos like vlogs, piano lessons and rehearsals, auditions, as well as live streams.

Want to book this space?

The Studio Falkland Lodge is a practise room with a beautiful Venables and Son Bespoke Grand Piano, situated on the grounds of an 19th Century gatehouse at the top of South Norwood Hill (near Crystal Palace).

It is one of the best video shoot locations for filming live music videos.

For instance, British actress Ellie Grant and pianist Mark Smith filmed several songs here, including “Maybe This Time.”

Which of these video shoot locations will you choose?

This post lists some of the best video shoot locations across London that you can consider for your next video. Each has its unique set of features and advantages.

That means these video shoot locations are suitable for filming different types of videos. You can choose the perfect one depending on your requirements.

For instance, as a chef, you should consider venues with warm, inviting, and functional kitchens. They could help you create high-quality social media videos. 

Don’t forget to edit your videos before using them for your marketing campaign. This can allow you to tweak the video content to match your brand’s objective and personality. Good luck!

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Reena Aggarwal is Director of Operations and Sales at Attrock, a result-driven digital marketing company. She is an industry expert with 10+ years of sales and operations experience in the field of e-commerce and digital marketing.

You can contact her at reenaa@attrock.com or on her LinkedIn or Twitter.

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